• Blue Lagoon

    Blue Lagoon Spa, Reykjavík, Iceland .

    The Blue Lagoon is Iceland's most unique and popular attraction. Guests enjoy bathing and relaxing in Blue Lagoon geothermal seawater, known for its positive effects on the skin. A visit to the spa promotes harmony between body, mind and spirit, and enables one to soak away the stresses of modern life. 

    The spa's guests rekindle their relationship with nature, soak up the scenic beauty and enjoy breathing the clean, fresh air.

  • Garðskagaviti

    Gardur Light House, Gardur, Iceland .

    The lighthouses in Garðskagi were constructed 1897 and the second one in 1944 but a landmark had been there since 1847 and later a lamp was added to the landmark at 1884. The old lighthouse was used as a bird observatory on behalf of Natural History foundation from 1962 to 1978 At Garðskagi you can enjoy the scenery that is spectacular and enjoy watching the wild birds. The old Lighthouse is often an inspiration in both art and photography. 
    The majestic Garðskagaviti, designed by Axel Sveinsson engineer, was built in 1944 to replace older Garðskagaviti that was both too low and vulnerable to land infringement. The cylindrical concrete tower is 28.6 meters in height with a light house that is an English construction. The lighthouse was coated with bright quartz initially but was covered with white repair and sealants in 1986. At first optics were used from the older Garðskagaviti but in 1946 electric was led to the new lighthouse. In 1960 a new lens was put in place instead of the one since 1897 it is a four way facing rotation lens. 
    At Garðskagi the lighthouse keeper had permanent residence and remained so until 1979. The lighthouse keepers house still stands, built in 1933 to a design by architect Einar Erlendsson. Byggðasafn Garðskaga or The Municipal Museum in Garður operates in the outbuildings of the lighthouse keeper estate. 
    Garðskagi lighthouse is open in good weather in order to enter inside you must first go to the Museum and talk to the director of The Municipal Museum in Garður. 

  • Golf Course

    Kirkjuból, 245, Sandgerði .

    This golfcourse is a very short driving distance (7km) away from Keflavík Airport and has just recently been enlarged from a 9 hole course to a pleasant 18 hole course. This is a rather flat course, the only exception being the 7th hole, a short par-4, which is a favorite among many Icelandic golfers, since the score is usually good there. It lies up a little hill. Also by in a shed on the following 2 holes, the 8th and 9th live two of the more known inhabitants of GSG, the two bunnies, who especially love Prince Polo (the Icelandic national sweet – although imported from Poland).

  • Duushús, Cultural center


    The cluster of buildings that make up Duushús are among Iceland's most remarkable and historic man-made structures. The oldest timber building completed in 1877 and the youngest concrete structure finished in 1954. They now serve as the Art and Cultural Center of Reykjanesbær and house four exhibition halls e.g. the Reykjanes Art Museum which presents several new art exhibitions every year, the Reykjanes Maritime Center which is home to a collection of over 100 spectacular model boats and the Reykjanes Heritage Museum which addresses different aspects of local history with interesting exhibitions. 

    Weekdays 12:00 - 05:00 pm 
    Weekends 13:00 - 05:00 pm 

    Free admittance. Coffee and refreshments available at Café Duus 



    The friendly Giganta migrated from the mountains to Reykjanesbær in 2008 and has now settled in Black Cave at the marina in Gróf with a beautiful view of the bay. Giganta, a full sized giantess, loves children and knows nothing better than a visit from them. Giganta is originally the creation of author Herdís Egilsdóttir who has written 16 stories about the little girl Sigga and her giantess friend Giganta. 

    Daily from 10:00 - 17:00 

    Free Admittance 

  • Water world swimming

    Sunnubraut 31 230, Reykjanesbær, Iceland .

    Vatnaveröld - Family Swimming Pool 

    Vatnaveröld is an indoor water park for the whole family. The park includes a heated activity pool for the youngest 
    generation. In addition to that there is a 50m indoor pool, 25m outdoor pool, 4 outdoor hot tubs, a water slide and a 
    steam bath. 

    Free admittance for children up to the age of 16. 


    weekdays 06:45 - 20:00

    weekends 08:00 - 18:00

  • The Icelandic Museum of Rock n' roll

    Hjallavegur 2 260, Reykjanesbær, Iceland .

    Many people know Icelandic artists such as the Sugarcubes, Björk, Sigur Rós and Of Monsters and Men. What’s their story? What’s their background? And how did these bands become so successful coming from the tiny population of Iceland? At the Icelandic Museum of Rock ‘n’ Roll you can walk through the history of Icelandic pop and rock music throughout the years. Guests can dive deeper into the history of each artist and listen to their music with the help of the Rock ‘n’ Roll app on the iPad we lend you during your visit. Among memorabilia portrayed in the museum is an electric guitar owned by Brynjar Leifsson from Of Monsters and Men, Gunnar Jökull's drumkit he used on the album ...Lifun with Trúbrot, LED-light outfit of Paul Oscar, gas-masks used in Sigur Rós videos, several Sugarcubes items plus a whole lot more. And don’t forget to check out our Sound Lab to try out some instruments and feel like a real rocker! 

  • Viking World

    Víkingabraut 1 260, Reykjanesbær, Iceland .

    Vikingaheimar or Viking World is home to the viking ship Íslendingur (the Icelander) that sailed to New York in the year 2000 to celebrate Iceland's central role in the discovery of North America 1000 years earlier. Vikingaheimar offers 5 different exhibitions: 

    The Story of the Viking Expansion across the North Atlantic. The exhibition was produced in cooperation with the Smithsonian Institution in USA. 

    The ship is an exact replica of a ninth-century viking ship and was sailed across the Atlantic in the year 2000 as a part of the millenial celebration of Leifur Eiríksson's journey to the New World. 

    Archaeological findings from the Suðurnes Region. Remains from the oldest occupation on Reykjanes peninsula. 

    Exhibition on Norse mythology and myths. The world of the Gods vividly appears through visual arts, storytelling and music. The exhibition is put together by reputable Icelandic contemporary artists and experts in Nordic studies to form an impressive and modern work of art about ancient cultural heritage. 

    Open every day from 12:00 - 05:00 pm 
    Admittance Fee: ISK 1.000 
    Free for children under the age of 12. 

    Remember to check out our Souvenir shop and our Café. 


    Hafnargata 29 230, Reykjanesbær, Iceland .

    Power plant earth is an exhibition located in Reykjanesvirkjun, a geothermal power plant owned by HS. Orka hf. The power plant is not far from the edge of Reykjanes, the Reykjanes lighthouse and Bridge between two Continents. 

    The location is in one of the most beautiful lava fields in Iceland and its natural surroundings make it an extraordinary place to visit; Gunnuhver (one of the largest hot springs in Iceland), the continental rift, rows of craters, Mount Sýrfell and Rauðhólar Hills (landscape like on Mars) are among the many magical sites to see. 

    Energy is life. 
    From the „big bang“ theory of how the universe evolved from the size of a grapefruit to the harnessing of geothermal power in the Reykjanes peninsula, the exhibition shows how man utilizes different energy sources and how we benefit from it in our everyday lives. The exhibition´s most impressive showpiece is a geothermal turbine generating 50 MW of “green” electrical power, enough to keep Reykjavík City running on a good day. 

    Also, the planets of our solar system have been placed according to scale and distance throughout the Reykjanes peninsula and the sun itself sits in the lava field in front of the main entrance 
    of the exhibition.

  • Sudurnes Science and Learning Center


    Sudurnes Science and Learning Center offers two exciting exhibitions. If you are interested in Icelandic nature and wildlife, sea creatures and research related to the areas, the Sudurnes Science and Learning Center is the place to go! 

    In the nature gallery you can look at and touch various stuffed animals from the Icelandic wildlife and see live sea creatures. 

    In the historical gallery you can visit the magnificent exhibition Attraction of the Poles on the work, life and death of the French medical doctor and polar scientist Jean-Baptiste Charcot. His research ship, Pourquoi-Pas, was perished by the coast of Iceland in 1936. A model of the ship is part of the exhibition. 

    Sudurnes Science and Learning Center is too close to the airport to miss! 
    Only 5 minutes by car. 

    Opening hours:

    May 1st - September 30th

    Monday to Friday from 10 am - 16 pm

    Saturday and Sunday from 13 pm - 17 pm 

    Flexible opening hours can be arranged for groups - give us a call.

    October 1st - April 30th

    Monday to Friday from 10 am - 14 pm

    Flexible opening hours can be arranged for groups - give us a call.

  • Folk Museum Garðskaga


    The Municipal museum in Garðskagi is located in a natural paradise, which blends the beauty of the landscape with its rich animal and bird life. The museum is both a Folk and Maritime Museum and has an outstanding collection of machines and items which were essential for the livelihood on both land and see. One of the two lighthouses in the region is open to visitors.

  • Helo - Helicopter Service of Iceland


    Helo, the Helicopter Service of Iceland offers an adventurous experience providing the best view of Iceland form above and beyond. You can either choose form various package tours lasting from 30 minutes to 3 hours or have us tailor make your own tour fitted to your needs and interests. 
    Our Brand new helicopter, Bell 407, is modified with over-sized floor to ceiling windows providing exceptional view. It offers increased cabin space and great comfort. Bell 407 is known for its outstanding performance and safety. 
    For further information, prices, avaliability and bookings please call us at (354) 561 6100 or visit our webpage 
    We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Bridge between continents

    Address:,-22.6754821,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x4a2e0328372496ff!8m2!3d63.8682746!4d-22.6754821 .

    The lava-scarred Reykjanes peninsula lies on one of the world's major plate boundaries, the Mid Atlantic Ridge. According to the continental drift theory the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates are continuously drifting apart with great forces under the gaping rifts. As the plates diverge, linear fractures, known as fissures form due to stresses created by the tension that builds up as the plates move away from each other.
    The Bridge between two continents at Sandvík is a small footbridge over a major fissure which provides clear evidence of the presence of a diverging plate margin. The bridge was built as a symbol for the connection between Europe and North America.